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Spain –Marble Rock S.L, a  mobile game production studio, has announced the release date for their upcoming title, A Plant’s Life, set to make its worldwide debut on February 14, 2013. A Plant’s Life will be available in the Google Play Store for $1.99, and as a free download with in-app purchases on all iOS devices apart from the first generation iPhone, and iPod. The app was released to Canada, New Zealand, and Australia as a soft launch and is currently available for download. A Plant’s Life is slated to release in the NOOK Marketplace and on the Kindle in late February.

Offering players an innovative and relaxing mobile gaming experience, A Plant’s Life features 36 different seeds that you can cultivate to grow over 100,000 unique plants with the app’s cross-breeding system. With 10 different locations that you can travel to, from the bamboo forests of Japan to the red deserts of Arizona, you can unlock tons of new content and collect the countless assortments of pots, tables, and seeds to customize your exotic, botanical garden. Use clippers to prune and sculpt your plants and mold them to your own design; gain experience points and coins by watering and spraying your plants with a variety of unique nutrients; and kill swarms of pesky plant-eating bugs with powerful pesticides or crunch them for coins.

Check out our official trailer on Youtube

Whether you are sharing and bragging about your beautiful garden with friends by sharing pictures online, or collecting the hundreds of thousands of potential plant breeds from all over the world, A Plant’s Life guarantees hours of feel-good fun and entertainment. To learn more about the app, head over to for more information.

About A Plant’s Life:

Cultivate plants from seeds to blossom! Have a fantastic time watering, fertilizing, and spraying just the right amount of pesticides to keep those pesky bugs away from your beauties, though if they do show up, crunch them for coins.

Media Contact:
Rafa Cifuentes
Founder and CEO
Marble Rock S.L