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Available on iOS & Android!

Cultivate plants from seeds to blossom and have a fantastic time watering, fertilizing, and spraying JUST the right amount of pesticides to keep pesky bugs away from your beauties!Check out the video

  • "“This app is like running your toes through the grass when you've been wearing shoes all day. Feel good stuff!”" - Bean Bag Apps
  • "Loved it! I definitely have a new hobby now!" - Brittany R.
  • "This is a really awesome game. If you are interested in gardening, it really captures the essence! " - Matt M.

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    Keep Calm and spray on!

    Keep your plants healthy by watering and spraying them with nutrients! Each spray has unique characteristics to help you gain more experience points, coins, or keeping those pesky bugs away!

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    Cut it up!

    Use clippers to sculpt and shape your plants. Don't like the leaves? No problem! Don't like the branches! No problem! It's yours to design.

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    Crunch those bugs!

    Swarms of pesky bugs will attack your plant if you don't keep it healthy. Your defense? Spray pesticides to kill them on sight, water and prune your plant for maximum health, or...CRUNCH them for coins!

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    Customize it!

    From the bamboo forests of Japan, to the red deserts of Arizona the choice is yours! Collect all the different pots, tables, and environments to make your garden one of a kind!

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    Admire it!

    With over 30 seeds available, there are 100,000 unique plants possible with our computer generated cross-breeding system!